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Skylar understands the importance of the energy storage market, with an ambitious pipeline of projects under development to balance the grid and as provider to deliver services to third parties.

We understand that energy infrastructure cannot accept an unlimited amount of renewable energy without mechanisms to manage the intermittency. Our in depth understanding of energy infrastructure, of the issues faced by Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), of the power markets and of new technologies have enabled us to assemble a number of robust models incorporating battery technology.


Our utility scale battery will provides valuable balancing services direct to the National Grid and the DNO’s. By moderating grid frequency, shifting power peaks, and providing back up generation capacity, our projects will overcome many of the challenges the system is experiencing in the wake of rapid decarbonisation. Our projects will supplement these services with a wholesale arbitrage strategy designed to take advantage of increasingly frequent price spikes.


As well as supporting the National Grid and the DNOs, our batteries can generate huge savings for businesses with high levels of energy consumption. A system designed around the demand shape and tariff can avoid peak pricing periods, maximise consumption of on-site generation, provide UPS services, and open the door to demand response revenues.


Batteries linked, either on-site or virtually, to renewable energy generation technologies are the future of the world’s power generation. Working together the technologies can provide stable, predictable generation patterns, can extend the export time to maximise the value of grid connections, and can add supplementary revenues through grid balancing services.

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